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My Canadian Pharmacy – The Industry’s Leader

At Medical Center Pharmacy, pharmaceutical compounding is a time-honored skill no longer available at most community or chain pharmacies.  Professional compounding consists of more than just mixing powders with bases. In order to prepare an effective and safe medication that includes precise stability, purity, color, viscosity, texture and uniformity, we must consider both chemical and physical properties of each active and inactive ingredient. The value of every compound prepared at Medical Center Pharmacy originates from the skilled techniques, specialized equipment, and purity and quality of the ingredients.

Henry Herring, R.Ph. and his staff of qualified pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have taken the art of compounding and sterile compounding to the highest level. Our ability to meet special needs with medication is a major advance in the pharmacy compounding practice.  The staff of MCP prides themselves on creating innovative solutions in drug delivery systems and dosage forms. There is no news in saying that enlisting the support of a reliable pharmacy will have you covered on quality drugs at optimal prices. But there are several nuances to finding a drugstore, especially a virtual one, that you can trust without reserve. On the home page of one of Canada’s most reliable online pharmacy services, we will have a closer look at all of them, step by step.

Right now, you find yourself on the main page of an online service whose history goes back to the early aughts. Before that time, MCP used to be an actual brick-and-stone pharmacy in a cozy neighborhood of Winnipeg, Manitoba. But the world has moved on since that time, and so did technological progress. At one point in time, we found ourselves dealing with customer demands we could no longer meet anywhere else but from a virtual pharmacy, and this was a true pivot point in our history.

But although, as we stepped into the cyberspace with our services, so did hundreds of other drugstores around the world, My Canadian Pharmacy managed to preserve all of its unique features that had always made it stand out from competition. And what a competition it is!

Pharmacies in Canada, online and out there in the street, will give a drugstore anywhere around the world a run for their money. The reason for such a stand-out excellence attributed to drug retailers in this part of the world is high standards set for quality and low thresholds set for prices, which is fixed by the state laws. This is what makes each and every pharmacy in this country a more economical choice compared to many U.S. drugstores, both virtual and brick-and-mortar ones.

Our top advantages

Healthcare products from Canada are the best money can buy, but we pride ourselves in being the best of the best. And this is how we make it happen:

  • MCP Pro deals exclusively with the most reputable drug manufacturers;
  • We find the best deals for popular drugs from all around the Internet and sift through them, finding the highest quality pills;
  • At MCP, you will invariably find an essentially large and elaborately arranged list of products;
  • Placing an order through our system, you fool-prove yourself from any miscue during pharmacy shopping: we guarantee your safety of purchase!
  • Our service is repeatedly voted as the safest and the most economical by customers internationally, which is proven by hundreds of return customers;
  • We retain our loyal customers by offering them generous discounts, coupons, sale prices and seasonal clearances;
  • Every customer, new or return, avails of 4 bonus pills – a compliment not conditioned by the amount spent;
  • MCP free shipping and insurance perks have become proverbial.

The benefits of entrusting your health matters to the professionals of MCP listed above are there to just give you a feel for what the customer experience with us feels like. However, as practice shows, everyone has their own reasons for bookmarking us as an all-time favorite source of drugs online. This is all but natural, seeing that we offer individual shopping plans and made-to-measure discount plans.

Drugs at Canadian Pharmacy

At our platform, we live for bringing together offers that fit your needs to a T. Once you land on our Products page, you will have no need to bounce off in search of something else that is on your shopping list: we can fill your prescription better than the majority of pharmacy chains in your city, let alone e-drugstores.

Our main focus in on men’s health drugs, and of those you will find a crazy assortment, but there are other categories: Pain Relief, Antibiotics, Women's Health, Antidepressants, Anxiety/Sleep Aid, Blood Pressure/Heart, Cholesterol, Anti-allergic/Asthma, Weight Loss, Skin Care, Eye Care, Stomach. You will find those products arranged by category, alphabet, dosage and price. You can also look up the drugs you are looking for using our embedded search tool. At MCP, everything is done with the thought for your utmost convenience, in every single detail, starting from product look-up, and going all the way down to receiving your envelope.

Our pharmacy technicians give detailed descriptions to each and every drug listed on or formulary. This is done for educational purposes only, and though we tend to pack as much useful information into our guidelines as is possible, they should not by any means be perceived as a substitute for a proper medical consultation or manufacturer-published patient’s information leaflets. Throughout your entire experience with My Canadian Pharmacy, you will be reminded of the importance of having a prescription in place for ordering legend drugs, and of dangers that might result from drug self-administration.

Healthier & wealthier sooner: order now!

If this is your first acquaintance with MCP and have not yet placed any order, we thought we’d offer some powerful incentives for you to do so right away. First, and it may sound like an obvious one, but the sooner you start receiving your treatment, the sooner you will get better – and to that point, the easier it would be for the drug to defeat the disease. Many of us confuse this old and tired adage with the one that’s more fun: the sooner you start procrastinate, the sooner you begin to catch up. But this is all fun and games as long as it does not concern the matters of your health. Take it from the experts in healthcare industry: every minute counts when it goes about receiving a timely treatment.

Second, placing an order today will start a countdown to your becoming a loyal customer at MCP and accruing some serious perks in the quality of such. The more that you wait, the more time that you waste. Finally, getting started today will embark you on a journey full of palpable benefits coming in all shapes and sizes: we are talking special customer discount codes, individual coupons and bonus pills included with every order.

Why is it safer to order through Canadian Pharmacy Mall?

A part of our working with customers is dealing with their sensitive information that is used in our future reference to their profiles, orders and history. This entails collecting, processing and storing customer data. We have cutting-edge protocols in place that ensure safety of every bit of information that you share with us, be it your personal or payment details.

In the context of web communications, encryption becomes increasingly important. Along the various backbones they travel more and more often with relevant data and confidential information: from personal to banking information, by accessing credentials to various web services and more. Among the most widely used methods to encrypt and thus protect this data are the SSL / TLS protocol and the OpenSSL protocol. Born from the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ashes, Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an encryption protocol used in the Web to protect communications and information exchange between two network nodes (usually between clients and servers). The protection is entrusted to the use of asymmetric cryptographic certificates, such as X.509, and symmetric session key exchange.

For the X.509-based certification system to work, there is a need for one or more Certificate Authority (CA) and a public key infrastructure to verify the relationship between the certificate and its holder, as well as to generate, sign and administer the validity of certificates. From a security standpoint, however, this architecture is not a failure: so-called "2013 mass media disclosures" have shown that certification authorities are the weakest chain in the chain and are unable to prevent attacks of the man-in-the-middle type.

What we can do for you

What we have been trying to make show since the very first word of introduction is that MCP is a place where your interests come first. Whether it is the thoughtful choice of products that reflect our firm belief in highest quality for better prices, or individual approach to making offers – we are always one step ahead of competition.

There is, however, more to our ambition than the material side of pharmacy business, and it is spreading healthcare awareness among our subscribers. We ask you to exercise discretion every time you shop for drugs online, choosing your providers with utmost care, and never self-administering drugs. Our website teems with materials on every health condition that there is, as well as detailed instructions for the use of drugs we offer, but they are solely there for the purpose of educating and quick reference. They do not and cannot substitute an appointment with a licensed healthcare provider.

We also encourage you to subscribe to our informative newsletters as well as following us on Facebook and Tweeter for your daily share of health-related news. Just a couple of minutes spent reading tips on how to improve your health by subtle changes in your lifestyle can improve your life quality and even add up several years of living – let alone save you thousands of dollars spent for avoidable health expenses. Let us help you get there!


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