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There is a common misconception men may have about hormone replacement therapy: that it is strictly for women. Actually, andropause is a term used for male menopause and often times is a more gradual development than that experienced by women, but is just as real.

Andropause is an androgen deficiency in the aging male and, like menopause, is caused by a decline in hormones. Because andropause is so gradual, men often reach their mid-forties or fifties before even noticing some of the signs or symptoms such as:

• Low energy
• Reduced Libido
• Mood changes
• Decreased Muscle Mass
• Fatigue
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Trouble Sleeping
• Osteoporosis

These potential signs or symptoms of andropause, characterized by the decrease in testosterone levels in men, often correlate with the hormonal side effects that women experience at menopause.

Fortunately, what men may not be aware of are the benefits from testosterone replacement therapy. When hormones are replaced or restored back to normal levels, men may experience a dramatic reversal of many of these symptoms. The compounding pharmacists at family pharmacy specialize in the preparation of hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. With guidance from your physician, our pharmacists can tailor your prescription to meet your individual needs.

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